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Spruce operate internationally, supplying exceptional fabric for upholstery, (upholstery fabric), furniture, curtains/drapes, (curtain fabric) wall fabric
and furnishings and a small selection of exteriors fabrics to residential & trade customers in the UK and worldwide including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, Caribbean and the Middle East.

Spruce offers a wide and diverse choice of textile fabric to satisfy most customers, the choice on offer is constantly updated. 
We also have the capability and resources to create fabrics for a particular project, an example is in the website header.

Our fabric is sourced from only the very best weavers and woven in the UK and Europe.

"By choosing Belgian Linen™, you choose the finest Linen in the world"

"Wool is forever; everything else is a trend"

"Wool is the natural choice when it comes to interiors, strong, warm and breathable, it's hard to fault on the performance front and it brings an affordable touch of luxury to a room"

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