Spruce and Craftsmanship



Our focus is on authenticity, quality and craftsmanship.  Our bespoke collection is produced with fine attention to detail.. 


Our cushions are produced from the finest, superior fabrics.  Each piece is cut, crafted and finished by hand.

Each cushion is lined with high quality satin for extra comfort and style and which also helps maintain its heirloom quality.  Each cushion pad is manufactured to the Spruce London specification, and generously filled for support and extra comfort with feather and down. 

Our Fabrics

We scoured the British Isles and Europe for nearly a year to ensure that our fabrics were sourced from only the absolute best companies whose specialist knowledge, expertise and traditional skills have been passed down from generation to generation, to preserve the authenticity and quality we demand.   We continue to dedicate ourselves to using only the finest materials and the greatest attention to detail for the ultimate in luxury.  Here are details of some of our fabrics.


Our linens range from the finest sheers which possess a beatiful luminescence, to heavy upholstery linens and are produced by the finest Belgiana and Irish weavers.  Many of our sheers are produced in 300cm width.


Our tweeds are made from the highest quality wool and their vibrant colours are due to the use of expensive, high quality dyes.  Woven in Scotland in small family owned mills dating back over 200 years, our fabrics are produced by skilled artisans, proud to preserve tradition and craftmanship.   


The worsteds used in our London Collection are woven in England in an area which has been the heart of worsted production since the 1700s.  This high quality worsted cloth is woven using 100% top quality merino wool.


There are many tartan mills offering tartans of varying degrees in quality, but the best tartan is woven using only high-grade wool, dyed with high-quality dyes to preserve colour.  Our high-quality, authentic tartan is woven by world renowned tartan mills in Scotland.